SellPro vs. ExpertVoice: Which is the Better Platform?

SellPro vs. ExpertVoice

In today's fast-paced world, mobile apps have become an essential tool for learning and training. Store associates need to stay up-to-date on the latest product knowledge and sales strategies to meet customer needs, and boost sales. Brands looking to educate store associates on product knowledge will notice there are two popular mobile apps for training: SellPro and ExpertVoice. In this article, we will explain how SellPro excels over ExpertVoice.


User Experience is Key

Let's face it - no one likes a clunky and confusing app. The SellPro retail training app has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for store associates to navigate and engage with training content, campaigns, rewards, and more. On the other hand, ExpertVoice's mobile app can be overwhelming and confusing for new users, making the learning process more complicated.


The Secret Code for Engagement is Gamification

Learning should be fun and engaging, right? SellPro's mobile retail training app offers gamification features that keep retail employees motivated and excited throughout the training process. It also includes incentives and leaderboards that encourage healthy competition among store associates. This gamification approach not only boosts morale and job satisfaction, it also improves learning and drives knowledge retention, leading to practical use in consumer engagements. Alternately, the ExpertVoice app lacks such gamification features, which can lead to engagement only for the sake of getting a discount.


How about the user base?

There is a fundamental difference between the two apps when it comes to what they help brands achieve and the user base they target.

ExpertVoice claims a large user base of “experts”, but they don’t really distinguish between retail personnel, who actually sell to consumers and consumers who claim to be influencers. As such, most of the sales they tend to drive are those of heavily-discounted product to experts on their app.

SellPro, on the other hand, only supports verified retail store associates in its user base. These are true influencers that touch thousands of consumers and directly drive purchase decisions. The true value SellPro provides is in converting those retail store associates into active advocates and promoters for the brands on the app, which actually moves the needle in terms of quantifiable retail sales at full margin. This benefits both the retailers and the brand community.

In other words, anyone can sell heavily-discounted product to users, who would buy the product anyway because they are already fans, but not everyone can convert users into influencers and get them to drive additional sales.


So, what’s in it for the user?

SellPro and ExpertVoice both offer rewards as benefits to retail sales associates (RSAs). However SellPro offers a much wider range of rewards, including discounts, free products, swag, e-gift cards, digital rebates and digital mall credits. In addition, SellPro offers games that associates can play to win these rewards. On the other hand, ExpertVoice mostly provides discounts for purchases.


Customizable Content Built in Minutes

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to training. SellPro has an Online Management System (OMS) that allows brands to create and serve content based on the specific needs of store associates at specific retailers within minutes. Content can be created as micro-learning courses, easy-to-access tech sheets, videos, interactive articles, and more. This approach helps associates focus on the areas they need to improve and skip the topics they are already proficient in. ExpertVoice doesn't offer this flexibility and limits the learning process to a fixed curriculum.


Show Me the Numbers

Who doesn't love data and insights? SellPro provides robust analytics, including how your training and advocacy program is impacting sales performance in retail stores by overlaying point-of-sale data from retail partners. These metrics alone are impressive, but SellPro goes further by including metrics like completion rates, engagement frequency, and product recommendations that give brands insights into the effectiveness of their programs. ExpertVoice offers basic analytics on number of experts in a group, discounted product purchases by experts and product recommendations, however, these metrics could be misleading as they can’t verify if recommendations resulted in actual consumer purchases, making it difficult for brands to evaluate the impact of their programs.


You Don’t Need to be an Expert to See the Winner

When it comes to training store associates, SellPro is the ultimate weapon of choice! SellPro has everything you need to turn store associates into selling machines - gamification features to keep them motivated, customizable content to cater to their unique needs, a user-friendly interface so they won't get lost, comprehensive reporting to track progress, and a mobile-first design that fits right in their pockets. With SellPro, store associates will be motivated, engaged, and ready to sell your products like pros.

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