Long Term Brand Building vs. One-Off Engagement in Retail Training

Long Term Brand Building vs. One-Off Engagement in Retail Training

We often talk to a brand when they are planning the launch of a new product and are looking to do something different to create buzz and build awareness. Normally they are trying to engage, train & motivate store associates so they can be better advocates to recommend this new speaker, laptop, gadget etc. The difficulty with this is that when you are starting from scratch and haven’t been connecting or engaging with a particular user group, you really need a warm-up phase.

We always try to set realistic expectations, and make it clear that with something like SellPro, you will see an uplift of interest. If this is a one-off campaign you are more likely to see a bit of a halo effect which is quickly forgotten about. Where something like our solution really shines is through having a continuous, sustained approach, which is where you really build advocates who are invested in your brand.

This is starting to sound like a sales pitch

It’s about now that you’re thinking “this sounds like I’m being sold something”. That’s fair, you kind of are, but not in the way you think. We always want new brands to come onto the platform, but only if it makes sense for what they are trying to achieve.

We love brands coming onto SellPro to build excitement. It’s great to have cool products shown off, people being trained to do their job better. We just prefer being able to use our experience to help you get the most out of this opportunity, which we can’t really do with a one-off approach.

When a brand uses our engagement solution to help with a product launch, it really does make a difference to recommendation rates. We know though that having an inconsistent presence makes lasting impact something that’s really difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

One of the key differences of something like SellPro vs a traditional LMS, is that with our system & methodology, you have many, many more touchpoints with store employees. Why is that important? Our model is focused on ultimately converting store associates into brand advocates, so the training part is only one aspect of it all. By having multiple ways to talk, train, reward, and more beyond just course content. you build passionate supporters of your brand and products. This can only really happen over time, with consistency and focus.

All of this is how we end up with 92% of our users saying SellPro has helped improve their confidence when it comes to selling. Through telling your brand story over time, you help build awareness about your products which puts that sales associate in a very different place when it comes to selling your brand.

Consistency is key

If you launch a training course as a one off, you’re competing with all of the other brands that are following our methodology. It only takes a few days before you start getting pushed to the bottom of the proverbial pile. With so many brands on the shelves, the only real way to stand out and get noticed is by continually reminding store associates what your brand and products are all about.

We know how to maximize your time on the platform, and we know how to help you connect with store associates while building them into advocates for your brand.

SellPro features

If this is something you would like to explore, watch this short video on how our brand engagement platform brings it all together.


Video: SellPro for brands


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