Easy content creation

Create mobile micro-learning courses, events, messaging and more with our user-friendly platform.

Easy Content Creation

More than just courses

All retail employee LMSs let you create courses. But SellPro does much more than that.

To be effective with front-line staff, you need a high velocity of bite-sized content to keep them excited. Try your hand at easily creating micro-learning courses as well as:

  • Live and virtual events
  • Awards
  • Push notifications
  • Live feed messages
  • Forum threads
  • Polls and surveys
  • Reference tools
  • And more
More than just courses
Easier to create than ever

Easier to create than ever

Requires no special tools or training.

Some LMSs require you to use special tools and formatting like SCORM to create content. These requirements take time and create long gaps between trainings, just for the content creation and review cycle to run its course.

But retail moves much faster than that. That’s why SellPro’s content creation platform allows you to build content as easily as you would a document, only much, much prettier. It’s so easy, you can push new content every day.


LMS features – and then some

Courses, certifications, quizzes, gamification, and tracking - but better.

SellPro’s features make creating, collaborating, and launching courses, and other content easier than ever. Great features to keep you on track include:

  • 5-Step course builder
  • Content staging
  • Version control
  • Collaboration tools
  • Organize with folders and tags
  • Preview and approval workflows
  • Automated push and feed notifications
LMS features – and then some
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