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SellPro has deployed a COVID-19 Retail Pulse Survey for retail brands and agencies. The real-time dashboard provides nationwide analytics on store closures, foot traffic, consumer electronics inventory issues by product category, and more.
Data is reported by SellPro’s existing user base of 150,000+ retail associates and gives near real-time feedback that only front-line employees can provide. The survey was launched earlier this month, with almost 10,000 responses from associates of Best Buy, Costco, Fry's Electronics, AT&T Wireless, Office Depot, Sam's Club, Target, Wal-Mart and many more retail chains.

The data and direct comments from thousands of store employees offer a daily snapshot of how customers are buying and what geographical areas are being impacted by closures, low traffic and limited access by brand field reps.

The COVID-19 Retail Pulse Survey gives insights into:

  • How to reach store associates while brand reps cannot enter stores
  • Potential category-level inventory issues that have yet to be officially reported
  • What geographies are being impacted the most
  • What front line retail users think about the current situation

CEO Kristian F. Beloff says, "We know at times like this information can be spotty and uncertain, especially at the store level, and we are doing our part to keep the CE retail community informed by tapping into our unique user base of verified store personnel at thousands of stores across the US."

CE brands and agencies can access the dashboard for free here.

Real-time analytics for Retailers and Brands

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