As stores re-open, we have launched a quick-to-deploy compliance feature to help store leaders meet OSHA, state, and local safety requirements for COVID-19 testing and certification. The tool is accessed via the SellPro app and provides safety training, self-certification, and health checks for employees and other authorized personnel, with real-time reporting to document compliance.  

COVID-19 Compliance   

At SellPro, we are in the business of solving problems for retailers at the store level. We create tools to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, enhance employee training, encourage vendor support, and more. 

To help retailers with the myriad of issues surrounding re-opening, we created several fast-track programs for them to quickly return to a new normal. And now, we also offer a COVID-19 Compliance tool to help retailers maintain safety and effortlessly document compliance for regulatory bodies.   

There are three COVID-19 Compliance tool deployment options available to retailers:

  1. A vendor-sponsored option free to retailers to certify visiting vendors and 3rd party entities (i.e., merchandisers, installers, product & sales trainers, assisted sales personnel, etc.).

  2. A retail employee option for those stores that need to quickly launch a system to train, maintain, and record their own employees’ safety compliance. 

  3. An all-in-one option where both retail employees and visiting vendors can be covered through the same app. 


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Maintaining Safety

Before Re-opening

Before stores can re-open, they must prepare to follow numerous safety procedures and guidelines. These safety measures vary state-by-state and even city-by-city. And as the weeks and months go by and health officials learn more about COVID and things generally evolve, expectations will be updated. 

We planned for updates with our COVID-19 Compliance tool in several ways:

  • Retailers can easily create and update custom COVID-19 certification and enable required re-certification.
  • Retailers can swiftly configure and adjust self-health check polls as regulations change.
  • The COVID-19 tool is quick and user-friendly, from user downloading and first-time login, to accessing COVID-19 training and getting certification. 

Making Compliance Fun

Safety compliance training and self health-checks may be daunting or minimally annoying on the surface for learners. If you are involved with training, you probably already know how much of a headache it can be to hold employees accountable for taking training courses. With this in mind, we designed all the tools our SellPro app powers to be as engaging, motivating, and as fun as possible. With our app, we increase learner participation and retention for better retail outcomes. 

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We accomplish this by:

  • Gamifying participation by offering points users can use to play games and earn awards
  • Making it easy for retailers to create micro-learning content, which is easily digested and absorbed by learners

Preparing COVID Compliance for Re-opening

We are very excited to support retailers as they prepare for the process of re-opening. To learn how to access our COVID-19 Compliance tool, book a meeting with a SellPro consultant. Or to learn more about this tool and how it can help retailers adhere to OSHA, state, and local requirements at the store level, click below. 

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