Reward and Engage Retail Reps to Create Brand Advocates

Activating retail sales associates to represent your brand effectively is critical. A customer’s in-store shopping experience should align closely with the brand messaging they’ve received outside of the store. So how can you ensure retail sales associates are motivated to act as brand advocates?

Engage Retail Reps

If you want retail sales associates to be your brand advocates, you need to engage them consistently. Their enthusiasm and commitment to your business goals will increase when they feel appreciated, good about their job, and seen by your brand—these positive responses achieved through the use of rewards, retail sales contests, and gamification. 

Reward Store Reps

Don’t just incentivize sales, but incentivize sales training. Reward store reps for learning about your products, and they will be motivated and better equipped to sell them. With the right tool, this can be quickly done and done so on a tight budget.


Gamification is an effective way to drive participation and reinforce a brand’s message. Offering an addictive platform where retail sales personnel can play and win while demonstrating their knowledge not only keeps things fun but also engages retail associates and keeps them focused on valuable brand messaging. 

Friendly Competition 

Creating a spirit of friendly competition through contests is also motivating when there is an available payout. Adding an element that lets all retail store reps monitor their ranks on a Leaderboard is also useful in seeing which sales associates and stores excel. 

In Summary

The result of leveraging fun retail contests, games, and rewards as a way to engage store reps will be a network of motivated brand advocates and willing to work hard to see your campaigns succeed and your products sell. 

Retail is Reopening

We are very excited to see retail is in the process of re-launching now. At SellPro, we have created a fast-track program to keep you top of mind as retail store associates are getting back to work. We offer a free consultation with an executive leader to help support your efforts as well as our retail partners.

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