As stores reopen, retailers are furiously working to bring back and orient tens of thousands of furloughed employees, recruit new personnel, and prepare for the holidays. Ensuring customers feel welcomed and comfortable in stores has an entirely new meaning right now, and employees can make a huge difference in easing concerns and encouraging sales through training that stirs confidence, empathy, and passion.

We regularly advise retailers on training retail staff with engaging tactics, incentivized content, and gamification. Our expertise stems from our development of a highly effective training and engagement app that already connects with over 150,000 retail employees. And now, we have put together a training guide outlining the principles we recommend. In our guide, you can learn how to leverage the main advantage brick-and-mortar stores have over online shopping: in-person interactions with retail employees. 

Training is a bit trickier than in the past. Many retailers find that they spend a lot of money on LMS solutions with minimal return. Retail employees have a short attention span these days and have different motivators that traditional training programs fail to address. There are better ways to connect with them and cultivate retail store advocates, and we share these strategies in our guide.   

Download a pdf copy of The Ultimate Guide to Training Retail Employees!

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