Retail sales associates are a brick and mortar’s greatest asset and the key to a successful and satisfying in-store customer experience. Boost brand advocacy and sales by enabling sales associates with the tools and resources to familiarize themselves with the products they are selling.

Sales engagement and access to resources 

It’s essential to provide retail sales associates with the content and tools they need to engage customers and close sales. High-quality content and resources available for salespeople to help them close deals is one way to increasing retail sales performance. 

But it takes more than just providing retail sales associates the training and resources required to successfully sell a product, to motivate them to strive to do so consistently. Sales associate performance must also be encouraged with incentives and promoting their hands-on experience with a product. 

Sales engagement and incentives

Retail sales is a motivation game, which is exactly why incentivizing associates through retail sales contests works to improve sales results. The sky's the limit on the ways to engage sales associates. Games and prizes can be adapted for different team sizes, periods, locations, and so forth. Motivating by means of rewarding store reps through retail sales contests keeps things fun and is arguably the greatest motivator in the sales game.

Sales engagement and employee purchase programs

Offering retail sales associates an employee purchase program will convey appreciation and make sales reps feel valued, which will result in their increased sales effort. In addition, one of the best ways to learn about a product is to use it first hand. Making it easy for salespeople to access products through employee purchase programs will turn them into knowledgeable brand advocates. Before you know it, pushing your product to customers will be their second nature. 

Sales engagement and in-store events 

Brand reps can also help engage retail salespeople by encouraging in-store events. Having brand advocates in the store directly correlates to an increase in sales. Most in-store customers have already done at least some research, but a brand champion who can provide a firsthand or anecdotal perspective can really bring a product to life. The ability to share the benefits with customers that go beyond price or features is meaningful engagement and a key sales driver. 

Passion sells 

Engaging retail sales associates through resources, tools, incentives, contests, employee purchase programs, and events will lay the groundwork for in-store brand advocates. When salespeople have a deep familiarity with your product, they are more likely to sell it. Rewarding store reps will give your brand a competitive advantage and drive in-store retail sales. 

Retail is reopening

We are very excited to see retail is in the process of relaunching now. At SellPro we have created a fast-track program to get you to be top of mind as retail store associates are getting back to work. To help support your efforts as well as all of our retail partners, we are offering a free consultation with one of our executive leaders.

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