We live in a connected age. Yet sometimes it feels retail employees are the last to learn information important to your brand’s success. Employee notification systems are a strong tool brands can use to communicate critical news about processes, systems, and products.  

Threats like a sluggish economy or a disrupted global supply chain leave brands at the mercy of external factors. Too often, brands bypass weaknesses they can control. They will spend a lot on communicating with the consumer -- to the tune of over $330 billion globally -- and forget an essential asset in its arsenal -- retail employees. 

Is your retail channel engaged with your brand?

Think of employee communication in terms of a supply chain. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when disrupted, it falls apart entirely. And because a brand is the sum of its parts, when employees are well informed, they flourish -- evidenced by the 20%-25% increase in productivity when employees feel connected. 


Employee Notification Systems in Retail

While COVID-19 has pushed many to work from home, retail employees don't have that luxury. But as we learn to mitigate risk and retail stores reopen their doors, they will head back to work. It is important to bring employees up to speed on your brand as they pitch your products to up to 73% of shoppers

In terms of operations, retail employees may be the most integral piece of the puzzle. They are salespeople, inventory managers, customer service agents, and the face of the brand from the moment a customer walks through the door. Their knowledge of a product, marketing campaign, or brand initiative can make or break a sale. According to Forbes, physical stores account for over 90% of North American retail sales, and even with the explosion of e-commerce, that number is expected to stay above 80%.

A communication disconnect between brands and retail employees can occur because of the way employees work inside stores. Retail employees don't sit at computers and may not check break room bulletin boards or company-wide emails covering product launches and brand information. They either rely on word of mouth from colleagues or their manager communicating messages. Unfortunately, 69% of managers aren't comfortable talking with their employees. 

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Implementing a mobile-friendly, app-based employee notification system combines communication with training and engagement. Offering retail employees access to this type of network keeps them up to date on brand news while also promoting engagement with surveys, product training videos, and more. 

Employee Notification Systems: How They Work 

By using an app retail employees can download on their phones, brands can communicate through push notifications, fun games, incentive-based learning and more. When employees engage more with a brand, they are increasingly confident and willing to recommend the brand’s products to customers. Employee notification systems supercharge brands to communicate:

  • Product Information: Instead of a retail associate fumbling through product features they know little about, a notification system keeps them up to date and provides access to a knowledge base to help them win sales.  
  • Answers to Questions: Questions about product lines and hard to answer customer questions can be posed by retail employees and answered by brands via mobile-enabled communication.
  • A Brand's Interest in Retail Employees: Employees can take product surveys and provide feedback about features and customer sentiment they see on the frontline. Engaging employees in this way helps them feel more connected to your brand.

Importance of Employee Notification Systems 

Brands need every tool they can get to help offset the effects of the pandemic. This is an opportunity to grow, try new things, and quickly get retail employees ready to talk about your products. Implementing an employee notification system will have an overall positive impact on brand awareness at the store level. Combining engagement, training, and communication at employees' fingertips will drive more sales, help eliminate turnover and create vigorous brand advocates.  

How SellPro Helps Brands

We help brands communicate with retail employees in a way that far supersedes basic notification systems. Our app motivates employees through chat, forums, microlearning classes, games, and engaging communities where participants win contests and incentives. Retail employees have downloaded SellPro's mobile app more than 150,000 times, and its use has resulted in 4x ROI for our brand customers. 

SellPro helps brands build preference over their competitors with reliable engagement tactics. Schedule a call to learn how we can empower your communication strategy to drive more sales. 

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