Many stores are returning to curbside pickup-only or reducing capacity. Some locations are limiting access to non-customers, including your field reps. We recently launched a new version of our COVID Retail Pulse Survey. This survey asks 150,000+ verified retail employees to provide frequent snapshots of what they see in their stores.

What’s going on out there?


Your field force usually takes the lead in monitoring what's going on at the store level and engaging retail employees. In the new year, you’re still going to be launching new products, but now your hands are tied.

How can you possibly get the information you need to keep retail sales chugging along?  

The Answer: Directly from the  store employees!

Get store intelligence

Accessing the observations and knowledge employees obtain working in your retail partner stores allows you to be a fly on the wall. An exceptional place to be in when brick and mortar is in such a volatile and uncertain state.

Retail stores

Putting your best foot forward in stores through your displays and demos is always a priority, but right now, anything that helps your products stand out is a positive step. Additionally, identifying store challenges can mean big opportunities–or at least an early warning to prepare and anticipate change. You should be discovering:

  • How are your product displays and demos looking?
  • Are any retail chains generally or regionally reducing hours, enacting restrictions, or making any other significant operational changes?
  • Are employees confident selling your products or are they in need of more training?

COVID Retail Pulse Survey Results

Consumer behavior

Do not wait until the next PO to adjustinventory levels or make decisions on underperforming products. Get the heads up on:

  • What foot traffic is like in various stores and regions
  • How curbside is performing in stores and regionally
  • Customer response and interaction with your displays/demos


To stay competitive, you must have your eye on what the whole category is doing. Directly from the sales floor, find out:

  • What promotions are being run?
  • Are there any labels or products being discontinued?
  • Are there any new competitors?
  • Are there any significant product issues or product recalls occurring?
  • How are customers responding to displays/demos?
  • How are  field reps engaging with store employees at this time?

Inventory issues

Staying on top of evolving inventory issues, particularly when supply chains are backed up and shipping rates are through the roof, is very important. You need answers to:

  • Are stores having trouble filling orders for your products?
  • Are there particular product variation issues?
  • Is your product not moving at all?
  • Are there significant drop-ship complaints?  

An exceptional tool during COVID

Even before COVID, we give field reps the tools to work virtually by connecting to retail employees through an app that offers brands valuable store intelligence and facilitates engagement and training.

We empowerfield force teams by allowing them to connect to our network of retail employees who are highly incentivized to engage with brands. Whether through virtual training, micro-learning countent or surveys, much like our COVID retail survey, we help brands access real-time data on:

  • Brand Advocacy and Mindshare
  • Merchandising & POS Compliance
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Category Intelligence
  • Product Knowledge & Opinion
  • Field Force KPIs
  • Marketing Feedback
  • Inventory Shortages & Issues

Stay on top of issues in real-time

As retail employee feedback from stores nationwide continues to pour in daily, use our COVID retail survey or contact us for custom polls to orient you on what you need to prepare for and what issues you need to address. Do not miss early warnings from those on the frontlines!  

COVID Retail Pulse Survey

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