5 tips to better engage and train your brand ambassadors

Almost all brands have a brand ambassador program, comprised of a team of field reps who visit retail stores and represent the brand in some capacity. This team may be large or small, focused on selling, training, or even both – but if you're a brand, regardless of how your team is comprised and what their focus is, they are critical to the success of your brand at retail.

Here at SellPro, we’ve seen first-hand the strategies and tools global brands have implemented in attempts to improve the effectiveness of their field teams. Our experience in working with many of these brands over the years has consistently shown that their training strategies can be vastly improved with deliberate focus on 5 key areas of team engagement. We'll share our expertise and discuss what you can do in these 5 key areas to maximize the impact of your training and communication efforts, and bring out the best in your brand ambassadors.

1. Communicate with your reps quickly and on-demand.

Every field team manager needs an efficient way to communicate with their reps. Whether you are sending an important announcement, daily message, quick update or even words of encouragement, for the daily work of your team to run smoothly, these messages need to be easy and quick for you to send and reach your team in a way that they can have access to while in the field.

2. Never leave your team with outdated training materials.

How many times have you received or sent out a spec sheet for a new product only to receive an updated version a few days or even hours later? It’s likely the first version has already been disseminated to many people, including your field team, and now you need to figure out how to make sure they receive and use the updated copy. Does this sound familiar?

Keep your brand ambassadors armed with everything they need in order to succeed at their jobs in the field, including the very latest information about the products they are selling and training sales associates to sell.

3. Always train your reps.

Go beyond the training your team receives during national training meetings and new product launches, and provide them with consistent, frequent access to supplemental learning opportunities about the brand and products they represent. Even if completing additional training is optional, offering quick and easy access to the material will better support your team, whether they use it to refresh on a previously learned topic or to get ahead on something new.

4. Keep your field force engaged and recognize their achievements.

This one may seem like a given - but your reps, like all employees, are looking not only for their jobs to be fulfilling and challenging, but also to feel appreciated for their hard work. Here are a few ways you can help your reps achieve this:

  • Conduct regular performance reviews.
  • Facilitate mentorship programs.
  • Offer opportunities to expand their skill base with new responsibilities like hosting events, virtual trainings or chats with sales associates.
  • Run contests that are both challenging and fun.
  • Build reward and recognition systems.

Meeting all or even some of these needs can have a direct impact on performance and employee retention over time.

5. Put meaningful data in the right hands.

We all know how important the right data is, but it can’t help your team if the right people don’t have access to it. Your brand’s internal personnel as well as the field force management must have access to reporting that is specific to their roles, and will help them make strategic decisions to improve team performance. Using accurate data to build a clear and complete picture will not only help make decisions but also track what type of impact those decisions make.

SellPro Helps Brands Go Beyond Training.

As brands have fine-tuned their brand advocacy training programs, we’ve worked alongside many of them to provide the essential support and functionality they need through our mobile engagement and communication platform, SellPro. The tips we’ve presented here are just a few things we’ve learned along the way, and they’re a great start to getting your field team on track to success.

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Written by Marian Saude

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